Sunday, May 30

FOR SALE- Hand crafted, hand felted.

"Wynne"- Wattle Green Scarf with white mohair embellishments. The embellishments are a bit loose in places as they didn't take well. One end has a block of natural(white) wool as a feature, I had planned on making tassels. However, I am quite happy with the finished product, but if you want some chunky tassels(like in the pictures of Niamh) I am happy to add them. Almost paper thin, natural edges. Measures approx. 23cm x 180cm. $10- plus P&H.

"Oceanus"- Baby Blanket. Mixed colours; blues, purples, greens, browns. Made from a luxury blend of hand dyed Angora bunny, organic superfine merino, peace silk, kid mohair, soysilk, glitz and angelina. Very fine, but still toasty warm. Measures approx. 75cm x 80cm, side to side, as the corners are a bit stretched. Very, very proud of this one, I want to keep it, but know that I shouldn't. Excellent gift for a new baby. Natural edges. $40- plus P&H.

Beads- great for creative jewellery, or other crafts. Available individually. I am waiting for them to dry so I can get an acurate weight to work out cost. Price will not include P&H. I can make a basic necklace, at further charge, just ask. If you see a particular(round) bead that you want count Left to right, top to bottom, and let me know what number you come up with. The flat beads are very similar but if you see one special one let me know and I'll try to re-find it.

Sunday, May 23

For Sale- Hand felted, Nuno felt

"Niamh"- Black and Nutmeg Nuno felted Black Silk Scarf. Also features handmade fringe with natural(white) mohair fibers. Admired by all who see it. Measures approximately 12.5cm x 120cm, including fringe. $15.00 plus P&H. SOLD

Saturday, May 1

For Sale- Hay, baled late 2009. Excellent quality. Mixed grasses/clover. Paddocks well maintained(fertilised & sprayed). Stored undercover. $5.00 per bale. Delivery available.

hay prior to baling

Friday, April 23

For Sale- Parelli Natural Horsemanship Tools.

Hackamore. Blue. Possibly Arabian size, although I have used it on many horses and not had any trouble, so it might just be regular. 10 years old. Very Good condition for its age. When not in use it has been stored on the barn knot, hanging in the tack shed. There is a fray on the rope in one place, it has been there for about 5 years and has not increased in size. The rope is not perfectly clean, but still has a bit of that new rope shine to it. RRP $120. Savvy Club Price $90. I would like $30. SOLD

Halter. Black. Warmblood. This was Babes halter, so saw minimal use due to her age. Mainly used on those occasions that I had to move all 5 horses at the same time. Excellent used condition. When not in use has been stored on the barn knot. RRP $46. Savvy Club Price $34.55. I would like $25.

Carrot Stick. Brand new, still in the packaging. RRP $66.67. Savvy Club Price $50. I would like $40.

P&H is not included in the prices I will only charge what the Post Office Quotes me.

For Sale- Handmade Hand Felted Articles

All following articles are made with Merino Fiber.

"Iona"- Pink & Purple Scarf with Leaf embellishments & beading. This is the first scarf I have ever made. Soft and almost paper thin. Natural edges. Measures roughly 20cm x 125cm. $8.00 plus P&H. SOLD

"Isolde"- Peach Scarf with Cotton Weave & Fringe. Soft, a little thicker than my other felted projects. Natural Edges. Measures roughly 20cm x 145cm, not including the fringe. $9.00 plus P&H. SOLD

"Ephraim"- Black Scarf. I tried to embellish this scarf with what I refer to as "Cheddar Cheese Holes". They did not work out as I had planned but Julia and mum both think they look OK. Very thin and soft.Natural Edges. Measures roughly 13cm x 175cm. $6.00 plus P&H. SOLD

"Philbert"- Blue and Cinnamon Bassinet Blanket. This colour combination is stunning. Natural Edges. Measures approximately 55cm x 75cm. $12.00 plus P&H.(picture to be added) SOLD

"Iona" prior to beading

"Ephraim" & "Isolde"
L-R: "Isolde", "Iona", "Ephraim"

If you wish to purchase one of these items, or order a particular colour/size/item please email me at